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Hi Eric:

Take a look at this article that I wrote. . In there, you'll learn that your's is one of a "family" of versions with only slight differences. The top of the heap is the SteelCity with a granite drive wheel and granite table. There is no bottom of the heap, just less expensive. Yours' is no different than the Powermatic at more than 2x the price.

In that reference is a list of manuals, all of which apply to your saw and all of which I would recommend that you skim through. Someday, when I have lots of time, I'll create a "composite manual" that should address all of the "options" available for the model.

I would also recommend that you consider updating your bandsaw with some of the Carter accessories, especially the long tension screw for tightening up the blade.

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Last week I purchased an old Busy Bee Bandsaw. Your posted manual was just what I needed.



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