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Crochet Hook Project.

There may be a need for a wooden handled crochet hook where the wooden handle is 10mm diameter or larger. This arises from folk of a certain age developing arthritis in the hands.
A search of the internet comes up with a number of bespoke crochet hook makers. Some are very elaborate show prize winners, but these don’t cater to my percieved need. There are pistol grip styles, and thick plastic handles which are in my style, but I think that I can produce a cemi-ornamental yet practical product turned from wood.
For the business end I am using standard metal hooks. The size range I intend to cover is from 3mm to 5mm inclusive in 0.5mm increments. I have experimented with a handle into which cut down hooks with a turned thread can be screwed. More on this later.
My research indicates that a handle needs to be 10, 12 or 14mm at the business end and 150 to 170mm long. Weight is a distinct disadvantage, they need to be as light as possible and they work best if balanced in the grip region, between 15 and 18mm back from the metal hook.
To provide balance I make my handles hollow and I include turned work in the back as a way of reducing weight.
To help with “feel”, I polish with 600 or 1000grit paper and Organ Oil.

Picture 1 from left to right shows Hooks 1, 2 and 3.
These were not my first attempts but they are the earliest versions I am prepared to share. They are in Kapur, a Melasian hardwood. All three are nicely balanced and light. They show progression in grip length.

Picture 2 shows numbers 4 and 5, both Kapur again.
Number 4 has a grip length of 70mm but, at 14mm is large to hold and, being solid, is unacceptably heavy. Number 5, my best so far, is 11mm at the hook end and 12.5mm at the other. It is hollow for 30mm at the hook end and through slotted at the back making it very light.

Numbers 6 & 7, picture 3, are in the “Just because I can” category. Number 7, the lighter one, is Oregon, and is my first attempt at “inside out turning”. Not entirely successful. Needs more thinking ‘bout the maths of intersecting circles, but good potential – very light due to ultra thin walls, but just a bit off centre.
Number 6 is a quad hollow helix. Like I said, “just because I can”!
Details of my rig will go into Jigs & Fixtures / Router Turning.

Tks 4 reading.
C ya.
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