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Hello Guys & Hope all have had a Merry Christmas, "Thats right Christmas not Happy Holidays"

Get this...I bought my wife the cadillack of treadmills 30" wide belt, 2-fans, air conditioning & stereo.....Ha Ha. Anyway its like new having been used for a clothes hanger all these years. Asked could I have it...................Nooooooooooo, I'm going to use it. Get a new table saw not a wife!

Anyway I came across an article which adapts your planer to change the cutter head to a sanding head. Great article but all of my planers are 12" wide. If anyone wants to follow this I will send the link.

Lastly I will still hunt for a roller 1st as DaninVan suggested.

"Don't wait till yr knee deep in sawdust before you clean up yr grandson may be in there"
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