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Originally Posted by OutoftheWoodwork View Post
Theo Richard and I worked together to try and find a better way to transfer my patterns than using carbon paper.

I use a laser printer to print out my patterns. Richard found 100% wintergreen oil and found that it worked to transfer. We met here for lunch where he gave it to me and explained the process. I'm tryin to put together a video to somehow post to show how to utilize it. It works great but not sure if it will work with inkjet though.
Ah, thanks. Well, with me, it'll only have to work once, hopefully. I'm working on a Phoenix design for a cane, and it's something I can't freehand and do a satisfactory job. I can freehand any of my other designs without qualms, but this one, as simple as the design actually is, is going to have to be very accurate to look good. So, I'm going to make a stamp, and stamp it on. Just need to get the design on the rubber, visible enough to follow the lines, and I'm good to go. Wintergreen oil, eh? I've got a couple of other ways I'm going to try first, but if they don't work, I'll give that a shot.

Actually, once I get the design on the cane I'll either use a woodburning tool to burn it, OR, I'll give chemically burning it on a shot - found a site explaining that, and the stamp will work with that also.


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