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Originally Posted by Gene Howe View Post
One thing you might need to be aware of is that mesquite is susceptible to borers. If you bought, or cut, logs or large blocks, there may be areas of where they have bored cavities.

It's really not as hard some assume but it does dull HSS readily. Probably due to a high content of minute sand particles (silica?) from the blowing desert sands. I know that even my bi-metal blades dull quickly when resawing mesquite.

I've used quite a bit of mesquite and don't find the dust an irritant. Not all people are unaffected, though.
??? It's not hard? I always assumed it was. (I haven't worked with it.) Is it softer than Madrone? Madrone seems hard and dense to me. I just thought they were related somehow...(?)

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