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Originally Posted by Ken Bee View Post
I had an incident yesterday I don't want to experience again. I was using my Woodhaven Box Joint jig to cut 1/4 inch joints for a box I had intended to make. I was working on the 3rd end and was standing behind the jig and work piece feeding by feel. After 6 cuts I heard a loud noise and my router bit headed for parts unknown. Unbeknown to me the router bit had slowly climbed out of the Collett and needless to say it had made each cut deeper as I fed the piece until it came out completely and literally wrecked the part I was routing by breaking off 2 of the fingers and chewing a large gash above the fingers. I still don't know where the bit is even though I really haven't looked that hard for it. It was beautiful piece of birdseye maple too. I guess I can trim it down and make a matchbox out of it.
Lucky you didn' get hurt
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