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Hello everyone,

I know I am late to this conversation. I not only new to the Router Forum but new to woodworking in general (previously worked more with metal)

Charlie, (or any one who had successfully printed the templates) Thank you so much for the post. the information you have provided has furthered my use of my IPM1 greatly. However, I am having a problem printing the templates. You say to print them on photo paper in 8.5 X 14 size. I use CAD and downloaded the templates to it so I can measure distances and when I size the files to a 8.8 X 14 paper the measurements are about 1/16 or so different than if I print them - the difference is obviously the margins. Can you tell me if you are using an ink jet and what are your margins. or if you are using a photo printer without margins. I think that will help me and when I get the size right I can draw an accurate model of the templates and will post them here for others to use.
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