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Originally Posted by MT Stringer View Post
So besides "wanting" the Dewalt DWP611PK Combo, why do I need this?

I have a Triton for table use
I have a Bosch 1617 for table use
I have a Bosch 1617 for hand held use (w/plunge base) - or to gather dust when not being used.
I have an Old Craftsman 1 hp fixed base router for trimming stuff (1/4 inch collet only)

So tell me again why I need a new router, other than it's going on sale at Rockler for $149 Aug 2nd.?

Dang it, Rick!!!

Go ahead, have your fun.

As any woodworker/carpenter/construction guy knows. You can't use "do I need it?" as a criteria for buying a new tool. Whether or not you'll even ever use it is besides the point! For all you confused people out there, I will give you the listed reasons for buying a new tool straight from "The Man Bible" Chapter 35 Section 72 Subsection D Paragraph 23 states:

You simply buy a new tool because:

a) It's there

b) You can

I hope this has cleared up any questions any of you may have for buying new tools, and hopefully relieve some of the guilty feelings you may have about purchasing that new tool with the money you should have spent on a new dishwasher for your wife.

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