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Default Completed Project

This is my first time, I hope the photo shows up.

A friend who is an artist asked me to build him a 16" cube art box. The design is mine and changed a little from the drawings while in progress.

The thin box sitting on top is for paint brushes and slides into a vertical slot at the back, between the drawer runners. The rack sitting beside the box holds jars of paint, oil, thinners, etc. If you look you can see a maple dowel pin in the back of the box that keeps it in place, there's another in the front.

The frames are mahogany, the panels are baltic birch and the inserts in the drawers are maple. The finish is several coats of wipe on Poly with a final coat of wax.

I'm so happy to finely be finished with this. I can only work on the weekends during daylight since I have to roll my tools out to the driveway. I've been doing that since early November.
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