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Originally Posted by reible View Post
I was just thinking about a new method of storage for my router bits. One of the first things I needed to know was how many I have. It was a lot more then I would have guessed...... Now this count is both 1/4" and 1/2" bits that would take up a place in a storage area with an associated hole for it to set in. So if you have (3) 1/4" straight bit that counts as 3 bits.... if you have set of bearings that change the profile of the bit 7 different ways it is still one bit for this count.

No prizes for the most or least but if you would like to tell us how you store them that would be great.
I counted 51 router bits. Years ago, I built a small chest to keep them in from leftover scraps of walnut and cherry . It has a removable tray that rests in the top of the box while I access the second level of bits in the bottom. It has worked out very well, but I'm outgrowing it and may move the bits to a drawer under my workbench. Photos Attached.
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