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Hi Ladd

A top is a top and a case is just a case (Box)
Most plates are outside dimensions so to say the Rockler may work but it will be tight drop in fit because of the lip to to hold the to say some of the lips are 1/2" wide and some are 3/4" wide the bigger the plate the biggger the lip to hold them..

So to say you may need to turn the Freud router on a angle to get it to drop in the top..

Sommerfeldtools is the only one I know about that has a BIG drop in plate 11 1/2" x 15" ,, I have my Freud mounted to it and it works great...

see below

The pictures below the 1st. one shows the Freud mounted and the 2nd picture shows the PC type router mounted in place..
Not all bolt patterns are the same as you know,but it's duck soup to mount all routers to the plate...

NOTE the list price of 850.oo dollars but you can get it for 300.oo dollars,close out sale price ,because sommerfeld as an new one out for 500.oo dollars..
I should note,,,if I had 300.00 bucks just laying around I would buy one more just to have it, it's that good ,,,when I got my top they didn't have anymore of the fences (sold out / ( so I just got the top..but I didn't know about the stock at Amazon .. BUT then I just may order one more great top and fence...I just need to kick it around a bit...

Note the price for the fence,,250.oo just for that item...


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