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Welcome Jim!

I too aM fairly new to this great hobby. I run 2 different (but very similar) Craftsman routers and a Rigid Flush Trim router. I love the Rigid for letters. I use the Craftsman when I have a lot of material to remove. I'll set one up with one bit and the other with a different bit. Saves on set-up time.

I either print a copy of my sign and copy it onto the board using copy paper, or I use one of the many photo/ink transfer processes. The transfer process is my favorite.

Then I just trace the lines. Well, it's not THAT need really good bits. I use the profile bit, 60 bit and 90 bits from Dave's Sign in Arizona. And their videos are a tremendous help. They explain things....sometime over and over.....but their processes are fantastic and easy to follow.

On YouTube look for Oldave100.

Good luck and have fun.

And lastly......POST SOME PICS!!!!


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