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Originally Posted by rhiekel View Post
Hello : I am a new member here. I too have the complete Jointech
system. I used it to make some jewelry boxes that had hardwood
done in double double dovetails that were the marvel of my friends.
I no longer have the instruction manual, thanks so much for posting
it up . Is it possible a printing shop could print those strips out in
original plastic ?? My system has been in storage for the last 15
years while I have been living in Thailand. But am now headed back
and want to start wood working again...
I have both an IPM and an Incra LS25 (templates work on both) and have been noodling with creating my own templates for custom joints. My plan is to laminate the strips so they are stiff enough to slide into the LS25 and IPM. I think you could print them on any paper if you laminate them. I would try to make it so the paper doesn't go to the edge so the plastic sticks together and forms a seal.

I have to admit, the LS25 is way nicer than the Join Tech product. Particularly with the locking mechanism.
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