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Originally Posted by BenAtar View Post
Hi, Can someone please advise me on how to start receiving the daily newsletter again?
Recently I changed my email address. I made the appropriate changes in my Account Settings on RouterForums. But I no longer receive the daily email from the Forum.
I twice contacted the Forum about this issue using the 'contact us' reply received by me.
I really enjoy the newsletter contents, I miss it! Tks, Ben.
I'm sorry that happened to you. I will have our techs check to see if the contact form is working properly.

I checked your settings for email alerts of subscribed threads and noticed that you have it set to weekly, not daily. To change your options, click on "Account Settings" near the upper right hand corner of the community. Then on the next page, scroll down to "Edit Options" in the left column navigation.

Under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" you will see a drop down menu with various options.


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