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Originally Posted by Gator95
Just got a Craftsman 17543 combo kit for my first router based on recomendations on this and other forums. Craftsman Club discount plus the $10 off coupon from the calender made it a great deal. Also ordered a 15pc starter bit set on the way from MLCS to play around with and get a feel for the tool in some scrap pine and poplar leftover from my last project.

In the near term, I'd be definately using it for roundovers on shelves and a two desks I'll be building, as well as routing out dados for drawers and shelves. I'll be looking through the forums for tips... anyone have any thoughts about what I should look for as I unpack my router and start using it?

Not sure what one is suposed to sound like or feel like- is there a quick test or set of tests I can do to make sure the router works the way it's supposed to?
Hi Gator,

Congrats on the new router.
A small piece of advice with pine... it's "sappy". Not saying its bad to work with but, watch the "gumming" of your bits. I like poplar but, it's knowing for "chipping out".

As others have said, chuck up a bit, be safe, have fun & enjoy. Don't worry about making mistakes, we've all been there an done that.


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