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Originally Posted by Knothead47 View Post
I'm with CC- what wood and your source? Would like to try this as a winter project. I have six grandchildren from two to twelve. Would make nice gifts next year. What about aluminum arrows? I think that Easton has a chart for matching bows and arrows. Thanks for taking time to answer our inquiries.
I don't mean to hijack this thread but here is some info to that question. Check this out: Bingham Projects, Inc. Traditional Archery and Custom Bow Building Supply Aluminum shoots fine, so does carbon, but a traditional purist will shoot wooden arrows and in the long run they are cheaper once you are set up to make them, which is also fun. The arrows have to have the right spine (stiffness) for the weight of the bow. This has to do with archer's paradox.
Here is a place for equipment. Products in Bow Kits, Bows, Bows on 3Rivers Archery I went to this specific page because it explains draw weight and bow length.

If you or anyone else wants to discuss it more then PM me or we can start a separate thread.

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