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Hi Microsuffer

I like it very clean and nice lines..good job


Originally Posted by Microsuffer View Post
He is a very early project that I did for my daughter while she was in college. The available space in a room with three young ladies, their beds and desks crowded in was at an extreme premium. My daughter had an upper bunk over a desk and needed some way to store books as well as have a place for her alarm clock.

So, I designed this project to fit into an available niche. An experienced eye will pick out that I was very novice in my woodworking and finishing skills, but she was thrilled that I'd built something for her and especially pleased that the top came just high enough at the end of the bed for her alarm radio to sit and be perfectly visible.

The moral here is that a project need not be elegant, or expertly done to be successful. You need only meet a need and please the recipient.

Materials - Birch ply (3/4 and 1/4 - the backing) and solid birch (edging). Finish - medium shellac.

The pictures were taken at home before delivering it to school. The paperback book helps scale the shelves (all but the bottom most were supported by pegs.)

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