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Originally Posted by steveo
The unit is a pantograph. By placing the "adjusting" connectors in the proper positions stamped on the unit (or reading the destructions) the unit can be used to either 1) enlarge or 2) reduce the size of an original "pattern". Depending which point of unit contains the trace point (follower) and which point contains the pencil point, the result will either be a reduced or enlarged resulting new "pattern". Of course today, we just scan the original, insert into our handy dandy cad software, and plot it to the scale needed as a "government job" at work. Ah yes, remember doing it the hard way with one of these units in the 50's and 60's !!!!!!!!
Oh yes the G-JOB, how I wish I had access to a large plotter again......

Anyway you posted the answer I was looking for and I should also point out they let you do a 1:1 but I don't know why you would ever do that.......

You got the win and points, great job.


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