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Default Safe or Not Safe

Thought I would share this Safety Message with you as it might help someone be a little more safe in the shop. This is basically a copy of the e-mail I sent my Father-in-Law, whom as you may recall gave me most of my wood working tools.

Well Monday was an overcast and cool (high 80's) day so I decided to go out into the shop and start her up for the season. As I started to do some work I stopped myself and said, "You know Jim, you have been meaning to upgrade your safety equipment and you have been putting it off." So off I went to Home depot and bought a new 3M half face mask industrial filter. I have been using your old one and it works fine but I can no longer buy new filters for it and the straps are getting old and worn. I also bought ear muff for hearing protection as I have been using ear plugs that you have to roll up. Then I bought a new pair of hard plastic eye protectors to replace your old soft plastic protector that was hard to see through along with a dust mask for sawing operations.

I know the eye protectors are a one hundred percent improvement because I went to put them on and could not find them; that's when I realized I was wearing them. Also, the ear muffs are quick and easy to put on and I really like them. So, after spending a good chunk of money was I safe? Unfortunately, the answer was no as I got what I think is my worst shop accident to-date, if you don't include the time I jammed the newly sharpened chisel into my thumb. You see, I was ripping and crossing cutting some wood on the table saw for about a half hour when all of sudden I was done and turned off the saw, cleaned up and put the saw back. Quick aside, I am getting very good at using the table saw and making precise cuts. Anyways, I put the saw away and cleaned up the shop when I decided to pull out my router table. No problem there, the table is on wheels and its unplugged. However, as I was pulling the table out into the middle of the garage I lightly brushed a 2 x 2 piece of 3/4 MDF leaning against the wall and it fell over. In the process of falling over a corner brushed my leg like a knife and left a 3 to 4 inch scrap; not a gash. But boy did that thing start to bleed so I went inside and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and headed to the drug store for some spray on bandage. I had to go to two different store but finally found it and when I went home and applied it I nearly went through the ceiling! So I am fine but who would ever have thought I would get hurt moving the router table. I may have to start wearing long pants in the garage. And yes, I have moved that piece of MDF and other pieces of wood to a safer location! There is a good ending to the story in that I shared my story at a safety meeting at work and won two movie passes. However, I think I would have like not to have had this happen in the first place!
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