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Had an accident not long ago with a brad nailer, shot straight through my index finger, bounced of the edge of the bone and came out the other side. I'm with you on clamps now. I think I'm going to get started on that dust collection hood that hovers over the blade. Clear plastic for visibility and set up right will keep stray fingers away.

The second best safety device is the Gripper, the first is thinking through what you're going to do and how you're going to do it safely, before you turn on any tool. Jigs with hold down clamps when possible are another good safety device.

My biggest challenge is finding places to store large pieces of sheet goods. Just too darn many tools for such a small space. Time to rearrange again so there's a clear spot on the back wall for flat goods. Lets see, move the dust collection to a back corner, put the sander on a shelf and then find a spot for the 9 inch band saw and voila! accessible storage on the side wall and still room for ripping long pieces on the TS.

The other possibility is to enclose and roof in the space between two sheds. About 50 inches between. Just not sure how things will fare out there in the heat and cold. Anyone want to come and help?
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