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There was a discussion a while back about the relative safety of fixed base versus plunge routers, I think that it was pretty much a draw. Yesterday, I was routing out the back of a door frame to drop in a plywood panel - this for a shop cabinet so nothing fancy, I cut the recess to the thickness of the plywood, round the corners of the panel to match the radius of the rabbeting cutter and glue and brad it in place. Out of habit, I grabbed my D-handle PC router to find that the hole in the base was too small for the cutter I was using. I pulled the motor out of the base and dropped it into the spare fixed base that belongs to the motor in my router lift. I set the router on it's side on the work surface and plugged the router into an extension - and it started right up. I had forgotten that the motor is always "ON" is this type router and operates by the trigger in the handle. Fortunately, the motor just burped as the plug made contact and I was able to pull it out right away - and the router barely moved position. The router normally has one of Pat Warner's offset bases with the smaller center hole for a guide bushing, and I take that off and replace it with the OEM plate with the larger center hole when using larger bits. But, I had just "found" the spare base while I was organizing, it was sitting right next to the router and it seemed to be the quick and easy way to go. One of those little things that I need to remember for the next time (or maybe it's telling me I need another router ), luckily there was no damage or injury.
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