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Originally Posted by PhilS View Post
I would like to make a lazy Susan, but have now idea where to start. I remember some years ago seeing it done in a magazine which is now long gone. Can anybody shed some light for me?
A Lazy Susan can be as simple as two pieces of wood with a turntable between, or you can fancy it up with a rim around the outside to keep things from falling off. I'd start by buying a turntable and then cutting two disks of wood to form the top and base. If you have the tools to do it, you could route or turn a lip on the top and base so that the turntable is recessed and therefore hidden from view.

It would be easier to recommend things if we knew what equipment you have available . . .

Here's a link to some turntables of various sizes: lazy susan turntable - Cabinet Hardware / Hardware: Tools & Home Improvement

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