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Default "Kickback" when using a pin router with downcut spiral?

Hello all. First post, howdy!

I recently made a pin router attachment for my cheap harbor freight router table and just got around to testing it out on some patterns. Almost immediately I was greeted with some kickback. It didn't throw the piece accross the room or anything but it kinda routed inside where the pattern shouldn't have allowed it to somehow in a quick jerking fashion. I am using a brand new whiteside downcut 1/4" spiral bit on 1/2" birch ply, doing about a 1/4" pass.

On one of the pics you can see the "kickbacks" on opposite sides of the wood because I attached the pattern to the other side of the wood to experiment again with a first pass after the first test had issues.

Im pretty surprised at this, I had previously done similar patterns but using a pattern bushing hogging the entire 1/2" plywood in one pass without this happening. At that time I was using a 1/4" upcut spiral though. I thought I would be on easy street with the pin attachment and taking 1/4" passes.

On my second try on the other side of the wood I was able to get one side of the pattern to go without a hitch but the other 3 sides still had an issue. This is happening on a very slight concave curve on the pattern mostly which all 4 sides of the pattern have. It's really not a big curve at all.

I am somewhat a rookie at this router table madness. Do any experienced folk have any input into this issue? Is it no bueno to use a downcut spiral bit for pin routing, dadgum it makes a smooth cut when it's not gouging the heck out of the wood. Should I be doing a full depth pass? Maybe it's my technique or something? This gouging can't be good for the bit either, right? I really appreciate any insight, thanks!
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