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Default Triton Router Base Plate

Having purchased a Triton TRA001 to be matched with an Incra LS25 I have drawn up the required base plate for the table which will be in the making soon I hope (the table that is). Posted here is the dxf version of the base.

I used the drawing to then cut the base plate out of 10 mm acrylic including the centering hair lines which come in handy when lining up the 'wonder fence' for some of the cuts.
Cutting the base plate is made relatively easy by using a CNC router with a 710 x 400 mm table which gives me very accurate results (if the dwg is correct of course).

The chosen angle of the hole pattern relative to the rectangular base plate is such that the height adjustment of the router will face forward towards the operator, which makes raising and lowering the bit, possibly while keeping an eye on same a little less awkward.

Only disappointment really was the Triton router which after careful selection due to its ability to be height adjusted through the table turned out to be not able to achieve this feat.
Strange that the little brother can, and the big brother cannot....
Well, I guess next time I have to make sure to browse through the entire forum first. I did find the description on the Triton website a little confusing but in the end it probably is just me. After the purchase I did find a post here which clarified the matter.
Guess it now will have to be one of them router lift arrangements.

Hope this may help someone.

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