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Default alternatives to brass set up bars

Originally Posted by Shadrac View Post
Hey mike..would those brass bars available at the local 'home center..or hardware store?
Other than you need to be very careful to NOT nick a cutter, you can use the shank from a twist drill as a set up bar. Should be accurate (at least the couple of sets I have seem to be good to at least the 3rd decimal point).

Also, most hobby shops have little collections of various brass bars and rods in common sizes. Cheaper than the solid brass bars.

And when I say, be careful not to nick a cutter, I don't mean to imply you can be using these to set up a spinning router! That is a lunitic move! Just that some of the larger bits can be pretty heavy and if like mine, might have a bit of machine oil on them. Don't slip and hit the carbide is all I want to say.

Your mileage may vary.

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