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I have one of these and it is a very well-made piece of equipment. For your application, the plus is that you don't need a track/slot in the router table as the sled is fed by running the clear guide against the fence. Set-up is dead simple - put a piece of 3/4" stock between the table fence and the base of the sled and locate the clear guide against the fence. The stock is pushed up against the table fence and clamped in place. Set the bit to the right height and that's it.

I'd be interested in how they modify the sled for stock wider than 5-1/2". I can see the need for the longer guide as you need to be in contact with the fence, but I don't see how they get wider stock clamped down onto the sled - I measure 5-3/4" from the red 90 fence to the edge of the slotted clamp at the other end, and you wouldn't pick up much by removing the slotted clamp and just relying on the vertical clamps as the limit would be the vertical posts.

FYI I originally bought their smaller mini-coping sled Mini Coping Sled and was very disappointed. The concept is good, the problem is that I found the clamping arrangement to be questionable. I called Woodpeckers Customer Service to see what I was doing wrong and they sent me the larger one at no cost - and said to keep the little one. I've looked at it a couple of times, thinking what could be done to fix the clamping problem but never had any time to really work on it. You certainly can't beat that for customer service, one of the reasons that I keep going back to them.
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