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Harry I worked in Colorado at a place called Glenn Eyrie the main building there was a 67 room Touter castle. It was built late 1800's finished in about 1907. All of the paneling was quarter sawed oak , the workmanship by those Irish carpenters was flawless it is amazing what those men did with what they had!! Kinda scares you to think what they could do today.

I was just thinking, if they had todays tools they might be as (now here's where I get in trouble and get flamed by someone) lazy as I am. There is something to be said about working wood, stone whatever with your hands, being a apprentice and all that. My problem with "all that" is I don't have time to apprentice the way they did.

In some ways though we do apprentice, I feel in many ways I apprentice under the guys and gals who have been there and can display their "master ship" as it were. Besides I'm too old to be their kind of apprentice!! Need to get on with it so as to keep my mind and body young!!

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