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I bought the Universal Jig, and also the Template Book from E-bay, because my dream is to learn how to make dovetail and finger joints for my beehives...
I'm so clueless, all I can tell from perusing the manual with the templates, is that it currently is far beyond my skillset...

I'd love to find a copy of the DVD, or YT vids from it...
It's good to know that the jig IS as valuable as it looked to be as a tool. Now to just learn how to use it...The double double inverse dovetail insert is just SO awesome looking, I want to be able to make them...

Norton is screaming at me how Dutchman 46's zip files are "not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous..." Not half as dangerous as I am with a router, I'm sure...
I'm eagerly hoping those of you who use this jig will share any tips you've picked up about it!

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