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Cool new fence input

I got my table fence today from oak-park and I am very impressed with the durability it is made of durable plastic it is about an inch thick and I'd say 2" wide. I was going to use the fence from my old table but it wouldn't bolt up the same. I would have had to bolt it right to the base plate and worry about weaking it so I bought this in it's place. The only reason that I'm impressed with it never had a fence made out of plastic before strong enough to hurt a buglar with. The only complaint I do have is that I have to order these fine products on the weekends because I keep missing out on the sales but other wise very fair price on it.

Oops sorry Mark put it in the wrong subject tried correcting it but it won't let delete it there I slapped my patties for you. I should have put this in the table routing section.

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