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HI Cliff[

Mount it so all the controls are to the front or to say as many as you can, the power switch and the lock mechanism are the two items that you want up front for sounds like You have a DeWalt router, think hard about using a plunge router for your router table, it can be a challenge to adjust it without removing the springs in the plunge base..or maybe add a lift kit,,not a high end one but maybe one for 90.oo bucks,it will do the job just find, but you can buy a router combo for about the same price that come with a lift built in with a VS built in as well...



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This may seem like a silly question but i'm am new to routing and i am thinking of buying a router table I have looked at a lot of sites but can't seem to find the answer to my question which is can you mount a router on a table the wrong way round in other words my plunge router baseplate is semi-curcular with one flat side does this face the back of the table or the front or doesn't it matter i'm asking in case i buy a table where i have to drill the table insert and i don't want to do it wrong.
Thanks Cliff

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