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Smile That's a good deal!

Originally Posted by xplorx4 View Post
Cliff I purchased a remote on/off switch for mine (see site below) it's so convenient to have it attached to the side of the table near my right hand. See pics below. There are other switches I have now found out with larger off plates, good for safety and the next time I get one it will be that one.
That's a good deal!
I made my own, but I'm sure many have seen my posts on that or maybe visited my web page about my project.

But to the question of mounting Cliff...

I debated long and hard on that myself. I have two 1/4" thick aluminum plates slightly larger than nominal plate insets and was contemplating making my own plate from one of them. But either I got lazy or smart, I hope smart, and asked for a plate from for Christmas. I'm pretty happy I did.

Also I saw a video on YouTube from a guy that made his own plate from a 12" square piece of marble floor tile!

(The part about the plate starts at about 6:28)

The Guys here, darn more experienced than me, do bring out up good points as to keeping the controls easily accessible.

Also, I considered buying a lift for mine. But it's of a size not made and I could not find adapters for it. I opted to use the fixed base that came with one of them. It has above table access for raising and lowering, locking the position and when raised completely even locking the shaft.

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