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Originally Posted by bobj3 View Post
Hi Jerry

very nice
It's going to be a nice WARM shop I guess building a boat is out for now unless you take the window out and replace it with some French doors..

It already has French doors, that is one of the nice things about it, and it will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Dr Z you are right, it does not get cold in Georgia. I lived in Gillette. Wyoming for a number of years and got up into North Dakota several time working in the oil fields as a field engineer. I remember one Dec 24th in Minot -25 plus the wind chill and compared to Canada that would be warm. There were times in Gillette that it got pretty cold, cold enouth to freeze my water to my house 8' under the road . They used a welding truck to thaw the lines by hooking the leads to each end and running current through the copper lines--it worked.

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