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My square footage is near the same as yours, although a bit wider. I have a separate router table, but adjusted it to the same height as the saw so it doesn't get in the way of what I'm cutting on the saw. My saw with extended fence rails is about 6 feet wide, which will squeeze you for space if you add the router extension to the left wing of the saw. I have seen a router table added between the extended fence rails, and you might be able to add a movable, free standing table between the rails that you could move later if you prefer. I set the saw in the middle of the space so I can handle an 8 ft piece. I by far prefer the separate router stand because by the time I'm done cutting pieces, there's always a stack to one side of the saw where the router would be.

As to the router, I used a 1617 in my table for several years, then replaced it with a Triton TRA001, which has a built in lift and power to spare for really large door making bits. The Bosch 1617 EVSPK kit includes the plunge and fixed base. The fixed base in the table allows you to adjust height from above the table with a small "key". Mike in Detroit did a thorough review of the major routers and the Bosch came out on top. And as Stick mentioned, the customer service is great, if you ever need it. I would also add that the Bosch accessories are top notch and the build quality is what you wish all tools would match. Given the choice, I'll always choose a Bosch tool (I have several)

My 1617 in the table never let me down. If it bogged down, it was because I was taking way too deep a cut. The Triton has the power to handle far deeper cuts in one pass. I do not, however, care to horse the Triton around freehand. A huge amount of torque and it is heavy. The Bosch is a size that is much easier to handle. Dust collection on a 1617 is pretty good and many of their accessories come with dust collection ports, especially their edge guide, which can also serve as a circle jig.

I don't think I'm alone on my Bosch preference. It is a company that really values its customers and produces goods worthy of all the praise. I wish the other companies (particularly the big conglomerates which have bought up brand names and then cheapened them) would take the lesson.

I got my Bosch routers (have 3 now) from Lowes on sale for $200. They have been going for $220 for the EVSPK kit. Do get the kit version. It is much more expensive to buy the plunge base later. You can do almost everything with the plunge base you can with a fixed base, plus much more the fixed base can't handle.

Hope this has been helpful. It is my opinion of course, not gospel. Its just that many of us here have learned to go for the very best we can afford because when we didn't we wound up having to buy twice. Let us know what you chose to do.
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