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MT Born 02-27-2015 03:51 PM

help with fliptop tool stand
I'm building a fliptop stand for my benchtop router and miter saw. The flip top portion is 3 pieces of 3/4 plywood material. This will rotate on a 1" piece of black pipe.
How should I rout the grove for the pipe?
Afraid I didn't think this through before I started.
Any assistance will be appreciated!

MT Stringer 02-27-2015 04:40 PM

When I built mine, I used two pieces of 5/8 inch alum rod. I cut the middle piece in two pieces and sandwiched the rods in between them. Then put the top piece on.

Cherryville Chuck 02-27-2015 09:18 PM

If you were using 3/4" pope I would do the same as Mike. You only need an 1/8" groove in the top and bottom sheets and it won't need to be very wide. It also doesn't need to fit the curve of the pipe. The middle pieces jammed against it will hold it place. This doesn't need to be as complicated as I think you think it is.

gkas 03-01-2015 04:12 AM

I sandwiched a steel rod between two sheets of plywood. I made the channel for the rod by separating the sheets with two wood crosspieces the thickness of the rod. The outside edges of the sandwich were also supported by wooden pieces about 2 inches wide.

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