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Default I'm Ticked Off, Wondered If Other Members Have....

I know that this thread is way off of the woodworkings subject and is why i'm starting it in "Lobby"

It has to do with the government and is not a political issue so don't throw me out. I am 75 years old and believed that I had medical coverage until I needed it last year and foune that it is such a hassle dealing with the VA that my wife and I decided to get Part B of medicare and a supplement. We made this decision last January when I was so sick with the echoli poisioning issue. So we contacted medicare, or my wife did, and tried to apply, she was able to do the enrollment drill but was told that the coverage would not begin until July of this year. which was alaright. Applied for the supplement recently but have not gotten any verification that I am covered on the part B that we called about in January. Now comes the part that just ticks me off, I called and was told that I needed to tolk to Social Security, so I called the number given and after about fifteen minutes of going through menus and listenint to a dozen or so web site addresses that I had no interest in I was able to be put on hold for a real person, I waited for about five minutes and then the line got cut off and I ended with nothing but the dial tone. Wonder if this wound familier to anybody.

My wife called the people that we bought the supplement from to tell them to not start to take money form our checking account until we can verify that I am enrolled in part B or not. They seem to think that they can get through and find out for us with out all of the hassle that I just went through. Just needed a place to vent, which I have done. Oh, how I loth our present governmentak services and trying to deal with them.


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Done that...

Their phone system upsets me so much, that now instead of deal with the phone, I go to the social security office in person. I end up with less stress and more done.

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I was on hold with the GM Employee Part Purchasing for almost 30 minutes and had the same thing
happen... they don't want to deal with something, "oops, we lost your call..."

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with it all. Our gov't needs a good house cleaning.


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How often when you do get a real person you can't understand what they are saying? I'm a little hard of hearing and when you throw in all the background noise in a call center with a bad accent I'm screwed.

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This is a perplexing problem for anyone reaching Medicare age. I was very lucky to have some great advice from an old friend that really helped me. I will try to pass on some friendly advice. When you apply for Medicare you need to apply for part A and part B. Not knowing about the future, I also purchased a plan F supplement from Blue Cross. The plan F supplement does away with all your deductibles from Medicare so you never have to pay anything for doctor visits or any other medical cost. Within 2 years doing all these at one time saved me several K$. If you are a vet, go to the VA for your medical needs and your drugs. I failed to do this for many years, and I am now sorry for not going sooner. The VA gets a bad rap because of the hassle, but the exams are very thorough, and can spot a lot of things before they can disable you, like they did me. My wife (of 50 years) has basically the same Medicare A&B plus a plan F supplement as I do. Her last trip to the hospital was over $100K, and absolutely no out of pocket expense to us. The people at your SS office will do their very best to help you if you will just go in and talk to them, and listen closely to what they are trying to tell you. I hope this helps someone avoid the problems and expense that Jerry is having to deal with.

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The VA medical center in Detroit is a very nice place filled with helpful people. I could not afford COBRA insurance so I started going to the VA medical center, I am very glad I did.

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Yeah, the VA diagnosed me with arthritis of the spine, this was years ago. BUT they didn't know what type. So, I asked for an exam to find out. They ran me thru the drill, sent a letter saying I don't have osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. OK, get back with them, ask them to check for different type.
They ran me thru the drill, sent a letter saying I don't have osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. OK, get back with them, ask them to check for different type.
This was repeated at least nine times. I finally just stopped asking.

But when the office closed for my last job, about that time my headache and joints started being heard from big time. Oh yes, I have had a headache since 1980 - not headaches plural, it is always there, just better or worse, 24/7, 365. One of the brilliant VA doctors said I could NOT have a constant headache, because I couldn't go to sleep if I did. Anyway, put in for disability, and something after a year, and numerous resubmissions, it was approved, and I've been on 100% disability ever since. Didn't go thru any steenkin' lawyer when I did it either. After the seventh resubmission I believe it was, I got a notice that I had to have a board hearing. At that point I thought it best to get a lawyer involved. Then thought about it, all he/she would do is just pass on the same info I told him/her, and if it was approved, they'd get 40% of my initial payment. Decided it would be a stupid thing to do. Ready for the board, then got a letter saying I was approved, but that I could still appear in front of the board if I wanted to. Duh, no brainer, told them thank you but I would pass on the board.

I'm not a major fan of the VA.

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Sorry you have had a bad go of it Jerry and just as sorry for everyone else's issues. Federal Medicare has been great for me and wonderful to deal with. It was the part of becoming disabled, not being able to continue something I had done for 40+ years and dealing with the state disability people, subcontracted by Medicare that almost took me to the breaking point and to this point, is the most demeaning episode in my life. These people could not even file paper in chronological order and no one had an IQ over 65 at the state level. At the fed level; Customs, Patents and Medicare have been easy to deal with. I also wish to thank JB and every one else as it lets us all know that we all get played with by a faceless system, no one is singled out. I didn't learn anything new about woodworking today, but I bet we all feel a little better.

Good luck to everyone - Baker
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Jerry call your congressman or senator they can cut through the red tape and love to help thinking that they will get your vote in the future.
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Jerry - it almost sounds like you PO'd someone and they put a flag against your name. I didn't apply for SS/Medicare at 65 as I was still working and was well covered by my company. Someone actually called from SS, said that if I didn't apply before a certain date, would lose some percentage - which I have found since was BS, but no big deal. Regardless, I applied, got my Medicare card and their usual A plus all of the SS dollars from 65 to my actual date of SS (I was maxed out at the time) in a single check. Blue Shield and a host of others, including the useless/expensive AARP then sent me supplement brochures. OK, finally was shown the door and retired, had by then figured out Blue Shield for me was the best, and I applied and was accepted. Everything has worked fine except the dental supplement, but that's even been straightened out with a simple call. So far I have not even tried for any VA benefits - though my hearing is getting poor and noted on my ancient DD-214 but they do have a decent hearing aid help so will try them one of these days.

Dave W

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