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Default Gas Grill Dilemna

Let me start with a confession--by asking this i realize that I'm probably looking for confirmation more than advice. Wanted to get that out of the way first!!

We use our LP gas grill year-round, but for most of the winter it's usually on the weekend since it's too dark to cook out later than mid-afternoon. Rest of the year it's at least twice a week--often more. And, for the 3 main grilling seasons, we use the side burner as well--especially in the summer. Grills stay out on the deck year-round. We've bought a few covers through the years, but living surrounded by corn/bean field the wind does a number on those!!

We've been typical consumers in our grill selection--Char-Broil, Brinkman, etc. And we've stayed in the $150 to $300 price point--seemingly with no difference in longevity at either end of the price range. So, for the 4th time in about 12 years it's time to replace. Insides are rusted, i'd already replaced the gas rail & "flavor tents" in the current grill. (for charcoal i've used a Weber kettle for the past several years--no sign of aging. It's just not as fast to light in the evening.)

In a local Ace Hardware on Saturday, my wife and i drifted over to the grills and i took an up-close look at the Weber Genesis (E-330, for the side burner). I've seen a few at people's houses, but they were well-used so they looked black on the inside. The parts and construction sure do look impressive. Flavor tents are probably 2 or 3 times thicker than the last grill, and they sit on the cook box instead of a rust-prone rail. Grates were coated cast iron, and beefy. Warranty at 2-10 years, depending on the part--i think it was 5 years on the flavor bars and 10 on the burners. The only down-side i saw was the price--at $799 it was darned near the price of a pretty decent range!!

Have thought a little more about it over the past few days--and in the past 10-12 years we've probably spent over $1,000 on grills, but it was a little at a time. It's got me wondering whether this isn't a little like routers, table saws, and other tools. Do i spend it once and cry once--or do i just keep crying? Sue cooks--and loves it--so she understands the quality of cookware (and our range--ouch!!)

If you've had one of these exposed to the weather--how's it held up? Regrets? Did you just do it and don't look back?? Perhaps the most important question of all--did it help in justifying a later tool upgrade???

We have to do something pretty soon--Saturday's burgers were the last party for the current grill--it will go to the curb on Friday with or without a replacement.

Thanks for any input you have to offer.
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Ya can't beat a Weber...

I've had mine for longer than your twelve years, sits outside all year and no sign of rust or other problems.

I'm the "cry once"'s definitely worth it, especially since you like cooking out so much. No fact, I bought a Weber (the $599 model) for my daughter when all she wanted was a cheapie...I said "No way"...

My cast iron grates are so treated now all I do is wipe them down every once in a while. I usually cook, clean, eat...I figure if I take care of it, it'll take care of me.

If I had to throw it out tomorrow, I'd buy another Weber and wouldn't even think of crying...

Go for it...
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I bought a good one that was retail in that $800 price range but on sale for half that, which is why I bought it. That was 10 years ago and it probably has another 10 to go. All stainless cabinet and half inch thick cast grates. It`s a Centro which may only be branded for here. The only thing wrong with it is the flame guards over the burners are starting to rust a bit but that isn`t a biggie. I do keep it covered up here for the winter and try to keep the snow off.

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I can't comment on your gas grill dilemma; I've used a Webber charcoal kettle grill for the last 16 years (same one). I like the taste of food cooked over charcoal. But it looks to me like you need to put a roof over your patio, or at least your grilling area. Install some lights and grill year round. Your grill will last longer and look better; and you can cook in the rain. Isn't it neat how one project snowballs into another?
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We've got a Weber Genesis, natural gas - have had it for about 6 or 7 years. We live in Southern Ontario and can get some nasty cold and snow. I've left it on the back deck throughout the winter with nothing but the cover on it. It's a great grill and it's held up well.

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I use and like the versatility of my Big Green Egg. I used to use gas but no more, I'm hooked on my Egg.
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This topic prompted me to check mine. I have the receipt for a purchase on May 23rd, 1981 (yes, 1981) . Paid $429. at the time.
Cast aluminum cook housing at least 3/8" thick. Cast iron removable grates. I still use lava rock in mine. Bought some to replenish about three years ago.
It sits outside all year, covered in winter with a poly tarp tied down. I've used it occasionally in the past for a good steak at the New Year but seldom winter now.
We use it regularly now, but not too often. It takes a rotisserie as well. That little motor still runs. It's fairly basic, not up to today's looks, I guess, but it won't die.
I replaced the thermometer a couple of years ago.
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I use a grill a lot down here in Texas especially in the hot summer as nobody wants to cook in their house in hot August. We grill all the time. I was doing the same with replacing grills every couple of years. I bought one of the long lasting grills with a warranty which I have managed to hang on to for around 10 years. The burners have been replaced once under warranty and they need it again. I bought a Barbeq Galore Aussy version with lifetime burners not a Webber. I don't remember Webbers being around at time other than the charcoal ones. I do like their charcoal grills so I think you will get more grilling time from a Webber than the cheapie ones.

The thing I hate worst is breaking in a new gas grill. They have no flavor for the first couple of months. You need to cook a lot of sausage and chicken with skin to break the grill in. Cook anything which will drip grease on the grill. After the bottom of the grill gets blacken the grill starts to taste like charcoal grilled.
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I used a gas grill for almost 35 years. I had to replace them every couple of years. I even bought a Holland which is a good quality gas grill, but then eventually it gave up the spirit. Five years ago I bought a used Green Egg and I love it. Wish I had gotten one 35 years ago. I can cook steaks in 6 minutes. Even a pizza. Don't know much about the Weber, but I'll never go back to gas.
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I use a gas grill for fast cooking stuff. Probably under an hour.

I have a 600 pound smoker for slow cooking using different woods for flavor such as oak, pecan, hickory, mesquite, and fruit woods. They all are different. It has a separate fire box. I cook things like briskets which can take up to 17 hours to cook right. I have also loaded my slow cooker with lots of oak and pushed the temp up to 600+ degrees for cooking pizza on a pizza stone. It works great. It takes a while to get the temp up that high though.

I like to do beer chickens on the smoker. You take a light beer pour out a little and add spices. Put a whole chicken over the can of beer on the smoker standing up. Cook with pecan wood for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The pecan turns the chick a good looking brown color with a nice smoke flavor. The beer keeps the chicken from drying out. Ok, I am hungry now.
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