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  • My Shop
    Some detailed information about my workshop.
    Power Tools
    Powermatic 6 inch jointer
    DeWalt 735 12 inch planer
    10 inch Laguna Fusion table saw, model 350, home built outfeed table
    10 inch Bosch sliding miter saw
    2 Bosch 1617 routers
    Bosch Colt router
    Triton TRA001 in the table
    Rockler Router table--Used to have their FX lift, but retired it because it crept easily.
    14 inch Laguna 14/12 band saw
    12 inch Rikon band saw
    Porter Cable biscuit joiner
    PC 7.5 inch circular saw
    18 v DeWalt 6.5 inch circular saw
    " " jig and reciprocating saws
    3 18 v DeWalt hand drills, one is an impact driver
    WEN 12 inch drill press (table top model)
    Grizzly miter trimmer (horizontal guillotine type)
    6 gal.Compressor and various sized finish nail guns, pin nailer
    A number of commercial jigs for gear mentioned
    Block plane, #4 and #6 Wood River, router plane, rabbit plane, good chisels.
    Two HF 2 hp DC units w/chip collectors
    Triton Track saw
    Makita Circ. saw
    Bench sander
    Belt sander
    Shark Guard dust collection for TS blade
    Triton track saw
    Always adding new items.
    My Shop
    My shop is a 12x24 insulated shed. Another, smaller shed next to the shop is my office. Recently added a Wifi range extender and a super antenna so I have really fast internet there too.
    Wife hired an electrician to put in a 60 amp subpanel which feeds interior wiring of 3 20 amp circuits to each shed. Works shared because I'm only using one at a time..
    Presently cooled by a room air conditioner with electric heat in winter, same for new office shed.
    Recently replaced my home made dust collector with two Harbor Freight 2 hp units, one for the workshop the other for the garage where i keep my jointer and planer. Both have 30 gal chip collectors.
    Space is tight and I've made compact stands on casters for all tools to replace original oversized stands. Recently I built an enclosed porch to one of the sheds so I can have comfortable, shady outdoor space to have an evening toddy with my sweetie.
    Have lots of shelving and drawers for accessories. Also use small 10 x 12 inch closeable, stacking plastic tubs to hold things like router bits, measuring devices and other small gear.
    I have a serious maple workbench with end vise, to which I added a fold down extension so it doubles the work surface when I need it.
    Layout has about 60 percent space for power tools, the rest is counter tops, shelving and work bench. About 250 square ft of floor space, so things are tight. Recently made modifications that opened the shop up nicely, including a shelf hanging down from the roof joints so I can store picture frame material nice and flat.
    Keep the jointer and planer in the garage since there isn't enough room for them in the shop.

    In 2017, I had the double car garage insulated and dry walled, and insulated the steel door. I is now my wood prep area and has the jointer, planer, band saw and track saw. It is quite roomy compared to the shop.

    in 2019, I enclosed the space between the office and shop sheds, and moved the DC unit into that space. It is pretty well sealed so so it's not so noisy. I installed a Super Dust Deputy and chip collector. The DC has a Wynn filter so the air in the chamber is well cleaned and returns through a filtered port back into the shop, saving heated and AC conditioned air.
  • Woodworker Information
    A few details about myself.
    I worked as a consultant, about age 76, started woodworking about 13 years ago, did carpentry for home improvement much of my life. Was a journalist for some years, but became weary of the endless deadlines and having little time to research and write at the level I wished. Was a business writer and editor for 5 years and did hundreds of interviews with major business executives. Great experience, like getting an MBA in real world business. Fell into my present work through a foundation for which I worked as a communications director. Its kind of like missionary work because my clients help a lot of kids have much better lives. Made enough money to afford good tools, probably far beyond my ability to use them fully at the time, but who knows how much longer any one of us will be here, so don't want to waste my time and efforts trying to get cheap tools to work well. Biggest insight about woodworking is that it is all about precision. There is no way to make great stuff in a rush.
    Live in the Victor Valley of Southern California, on the edge of the Mojave Desert.
    I'm a very specialized consultant to eye doctors who work with children, and work with my daughter in that business. Travel a lot. I used to do a lot of landscaping, but slowed down after successful cancer threatment a few years ago. Converted our empty lot to a dryland park with 185 ft. long dry stream bed with an "island on one end reached by a redwood bridge. Went from no trees to a dozen or so more or less native species and hundreds of plants lining about 1,5200 feet of trails winding around and through this garden. Found, lifted and placed about 45 tons of rock for the garden. I can no longer lift many of the boulders.

    Belong to a senior group that does presentations, so I do a lot of research and rather fancy PowerPoint presentations. Did some lectures at the local library.

    Do a lot of writing, mostly associated with my work. Dabble in photography which was a big part of my life for many years as a reporter and editor on daily papers in Southern California.

    I plan to make toys and cabinetry for now, but do a LOT of serious home improvement projects. Getting interested in furniture, but the house is full so I have no pressing needs. Now just at the stage where my efforts turn out quite well every time--at least my wife is impressed. Have been putting together cabinets and bookshelves lately for a living room entertainment and storage area. My wife is a budding artist, so I am also making picture frames these days.
    Favorite Router
    Recently bought and already love my table mount Triton TRA001. The power is awesome and the above table height adjustment is easier on my knees. I use two Bosch 1617s for freehand work since they are much lighter and managable than the Triton. I added a Bosch Colt not long ago.
    Woodworking Experience (Years)
    About 13 years of woodworking, but I've done home improvement and reapirs most of my life.
    First Name
    United States
  • Signature
    The more I do, the less I accomplish.


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