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  • My Shop
    Some detailed information about my workshop.
    Power Tools
    15" Jet Drill Press w/Rockler table
    Bosch 4100 Table Saw
    DeWalt 735 Planer
    6" jet Jointer
    RT-1000 router table (Hitachi M12V router)
    Several PC routers in various sizes
    DWP611 PK Router
    Grizzly shaper
    10" B & D miter saw
    Delta 20" scroll saw
    Miscellaneous saws, hand drills, sanders, routers, and other woodworking related tools.
    My Shop
    Presently regulated to a small garage. I roll out equipment as needed and my projects are regulated to whatever equipment that I have available at this time.
  • Woodworker Information
    A few details about myself.
    My father, who was a banker, taught me many things as a youngster. I was taught basic plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and construction skills. I continued to hone these skills throughout my life, and they have served me well. The only thing that he was not skilled in and I was not taught, was auto mechanics. This skills I taught myself and it helped finance my first college degree.

    In addition, I have picked up an eclectic knowledge of everything from machining to computer science skills. I am basically, a "Jack of all Trades" and not afraid to attempt anything (or to ask advice).

    I have always had a desire to engage in woodworking. The ability to craft something no matter how small, and the right to say, "I did that". However, due to life events I was never privileged to have a "decent" woodworking shop. Time, money, space, and family obligations have always conspired to prevent me from realizing my desires. However, I have managed throughout the years to practice and do small things with the tools that I had available.

    Now, after 35 years as a professional I am semi-retired. I am starting to put together the tools for a functional woodworking shop. I am slowly acquiring the larger tools that I never had available to me and upgrading older and well used lower end equipment.

    One day it will all come to be, a fully functional and permanent shop that I can use to hone my skills.
    Deltona, FL.
    Hunting, fishing, scuba diving, boating, motorcycles, firearms in general...

    I just finished completely refurbishing my all aluminum, custom made, 14' extra wide flat boat. Years of running the swamp and rivers of Louisiana had taken its toll on the boat. It has been stripped, repainted, rewired and generally redone. I completely rebuilt and repainted the motor and it is ready for more years of use here in Florida.

    I target shoot when I can, mostly plinking now, as the eyesight no longer allows me to compete in match shooting anymore. I do amateur gunsmithing and have built several long guns for myself.

    Due to space constraints I no longer have my motorcycle but that will change in the future.

    My woodworking is limited for now. I do little things as I can. My shop is presently a roll-a-round. I roll out what I need into the driveway and roll it back when I am done. I am hampered by not having a decent table saw but I have learned to work around that (the hunt is on for an upgraded, temporary replacement for my existing saw). All in all I am getting as much usable shop equipment as I can fit until I can occupy a decent shop space.

    I have lately become interested in scrolling as it allows me to create with a minimal amount of space. However, routers are such a versatile piece of equipment that I am interested in expanding my knowledge and practical use.

    I refurbish and use things like, hand planes, and saws. I am always on the lookout for a diamond in the rough to bring back to life. I do not COLLECT! I fix them up to use.
    Favorite Router
    Porter Cable (several different models and configurations)
    Craftsman (one older model)
    Hitachi (presently on my router table)
    Woodworking Experience (Years)
    On and off for the past 40 years!
    First Name
    United States
  • Signature
    Hi, sorry I missed you. I have gone to find myself, but if I return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

    Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.

    Tool Storage Bait and Tackle, LLC.


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