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06-26-2019 12:05 PM
sunnybob I went and bought the sand today, Best looking sand I have ever seen cost me 60 euro ($68). well pleased.
As i was leaving i thought I'd ask about a solar powered pump. oh boy, what a mistake a to make a.
2,300 euro ($2300).

Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick to my electric powered one.
06-26-2019 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by sunnybob View Post
My property is very small by american standards and I'm very limited on space, I dont have room to make and erect my own wind powered system.
Well, if/when your pump fails remember that wind power is an option. And as far as space, you don't need anything huge. And you don't even need to mount one on the ground. DIY and it should be a lot lower cost than solar, probably.

By the way, propeller turbines are not my first choice, several more styles out there more efficient, and easier to make.
06-25-2019 10:59 PM
sunnybob My property is very small by american standards and I'm very limited on space, I dont have room to make and erect my own wind powered system.
Solar powered pumps are available now, but at a cost way above my current budget as my pump is still going strong after 11 years. Once that fails, then solar powered will be the replacement.

Luckily I dont need a secure perimeter, the only threat here is if the turks invade again, and theyve got a quarter million troops, so 2 x 50 cals aint gonna bet the job done.

The sand (from what I know) is special because its graded. Thats why you pay the premium.
But then although i live only a half hour from some world class beaches, the thought of driving, collecting 300lbs of the stuff, transporting, washing (many times) and then grading all the crap out, makes me happy to pay for a few reasonably priced and nicely bagged packs.
06-25-2019 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by sunnybob View Post
I've just has a couple of very informative conversations regarding pool filtering.
First off, glass beads are definitely the IN thing. Sand is becoming hard to find because the shops only stock what they can sell.
But having spoken to two seperate very knowledgable people in depth about this, and asking them what they use in their pools, I'm sticking with sand (once they get some in that is).
Not familiar with upkeep for pools. But is that a special sand? Or just sand you could pickup anywhere? I've always found that things like "marine" something or other, are exactly the same thing as non-marine things - but usually priced higher, often a LOT higher. Same with sand? Heck, I could go out to the ditch along side my road and dig sand, just would have to clean it to get rid of the dirt. Or can buy clean sand cheap, from building supply companies. I do know it is often used in filtering water.

Far as electric for the system, what I would do is make a modest wind powered generator, to power your filtration unit. It would then work day or night, as long as their was a breeze. Those you can buy a complete system, or make your own. Can even use a car alternator, with inverter. Would take up very little space, and cost could even be free, depending on what you have on hand, or have donated. But realistically you would be buying parts, but still could keep the cost very low. It's a thought. I'm pretty sure too, that if all you need is a pump, you could rig up a mechanical pump, rather than electric. But me, I would rather go with electric, much easier to replace if it goes kablooy.

Sorry Bob, for suggesting stuff like this, but in my younger days I read and studied about a LOT about a LOT of different things. Normally it only pops up when someone mentions something related. It popped up. I can also tell you how to set up a secure perimeter with only two machineguns.
06-25-2019 04:23 AM
sunnybob I've just has a couple of very informative conversations regarding pool filtering.
First off, glass beads are definitely the IN thing. Sand is becoming hard to find because the shops only stock what they can sell.
But having spoken to two seperate very knowledgable people in depth about this, and asking them what they use in their pools, I'm sticking with sand (once they get some in that is).

i've had my wrists well and truly slapped for not having the filtration running enough hours every day. The recommended is 10 hours per day summer, and 6 hours per day winter. i'm a very, very long way behind on that, but I have promised to do better, even though that amount of hours adds up to 350 euros a year electric bill.

Salt water does work as far as reducing chemical usage, but something pointed out me today that I had not considered or even seen mentioned in all the reading I have done on this subject, is our waste system is cess pit, and dumping saltwater into that is going to inhibit the bacteria needed to decompose everything. Add that risk to the risk of the granite edges being affected and thats the end of saltwarer around here.

What I have had a good look at and am pretty sure I'm going to fit in the winter is a UV sterilser system.
06-25-2019 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by thomas1389 View Post
My kids grew up and quit using the pool so I filled it in. A landscaper offered me a bobcat if I would take some fill off his hands. The town was after him to clear his yard. I had it for a week, gratis, filled it in, built a garden shed and planted a garden.

I like the shed and garden better.....
06-25-2019 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by DesertRatTom View Post
Doesn't chlorine dissipate over time? My pool is the Pacific, stretches all the way to China and Australia. Kind of trashy in the middle.
Yeah, I thought I saw some one paddling in the "pool" this week....
06-24-2019 11:24 PM
sunnybob Biagio, Cyprus has the same weather (as you may remember) only last week an unseasonal thunderstorm turned the pool black because it dumped all the dust in the air straight into the pool. 4 days of flocculent treatment later and its still not crystal clear.
The auto pool cleaners here are all double the price of any other country (same as all the power tools) because they are imported by a single family franchise and they can charge whatever the market will bear. The standard business module on the island is to only need to sell a couple a week to make your money. They have never heard of "stackem high sellem cheap".
Importing from outside the EU is very expensive. I have to produce the invoice at the main post office, then pay 15% import duty, and then an added 20% tax, and they include the shipping cost in those calculations!. Its never worth the cost, let alone the hassle.
Apart from backwashing, my sand filter has not been disturbed since installation which is 7 or maybe 8 years, so filter media change is way overdue. Thats why my interest in glass. There is not a great difference in price so once I can get a definite answer as to different grades at different levels inside the filter that will be done.
If I go salt water it will be in the autumn, once this seasons use is over.
I never expressed an interest in heating, that was theo's side shoot.
06-24-2019 06:04 PM
Biagio Bob, my take would be to keep it simple, unless somebody is prepared to guarantee the claimed savings.

Around here, most pools have a sand filter. The sand tends to clump with heavy solid loads, and apart from backwashing and rinsing, the lumps need to broken up by hand every so often. Also needs replacing every couple of years. Glass media is only starting to gain traction, is twice as expensive, but said to last ten years. I would not believe any other claims for savings just yet.
The spherical housing for the filter medium only needs replacing at very long intervals, if ever. Some are made of stainless steel, for longer life - probably never need replacement in one owner’s time.

Most people still use chemicals, because the salt chlorinators are relatively expensive, require electricity, and are not maintenance-free. The chemicals are expensive, but some are more cost-effective than others. The real drag here, is that at the beginning of summer (in the summer rainfall areas, like Johannesburg), we get thunderstorms, which dump a lot of algal spores into the water. Within hours, the spores bloom, and the pools look like duck ponds. It takes quite a bit of fiddling to get them back to pristine.

As I mentioned, a lot of pools have pool covers. And of course, most people now use automatic pool cleaners. In fact, the first model, the Kreepy Krauly, was a South African invention, so was the first competitor- as I said, this is a pool-mad country. Depending on your pool shape (preferably no sharp corners or protruding square steps), a middling model will give very good results. The price here is about 180 Euro (US$ 326 on Amazon) Weight is about 14kg. May pay you to find out shipping costs and import duties - we can always send you one. Some parts get abraded by the pool lining, need replacement every year or two, but not bankrupting.
06-24-2019 02:07 PM
sunnybob Charley Those robots are yet another item that by the time it gets to Cyprus it has doubled in price. I have a friend who has a used dolphin robot cleaner and it cost 700 euro. Way above my pension spending kitty. even in the UK theyre around the US$ 500 mark before trying to ship one back here.

I can swap the sand for glass for about US$200, which actually has to be done anyway. Its the salt aspect that appeals to me, lowering my chemical bills.

The heating is not really an issue to me. i did try several years ago with a central heating pump and 200 foot of garden hose laid in a coil on a flat roof, but it was not much use against the deep water in the ground, and the hoses all over the place were a nigtmare trip hazard. Theres also the fact that if the air temp is cold enough to need the pool heated, getting out of the pool and back to a warm area is like walking through a deep freeze room. No appeal to me at all.
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