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07-16-2019 10:23 PM
JFPNCM Well done Tom.
07-15-2019 11:46 PM
DesertRatTom Since this string was published, I've followed Stick's recommendation with a shop modification. There was about a 4 ft space between my shop/shed and my office/shed. I covered it, put in a floor, covered the floor with linoleum and built doors on each end. In other words created an air tight chamber, that I can open up if needed.

The DC and the the Super Dust Deputy went inside. The SDD sits on the 30 gallon chip collector. The 4 inch hose inside moves from machine to machine, including the table saw, and that terminates in a Rockler through the wall 4 inch connector. Outside, in the chamber, the sawdust is sucked into the SDD, and almost all the dust and chips fall into the fiber drum. A 4 inch connector on top of the SDD, goes into the HF unit, then the air is filtered and exits through the Wynn filter.

I cut a hole for a return of air into the shop. to preserve temperature there. The return hole has a 20x20 filter so the returned air is very clean. Even with all that, I also have a WEN air filtering unit hanging from the ceiling that runs for 1,2 4 hours on a timer and slowly removes all the smallest particles.

The final tune up was arranging the parts so I could minimize bends in hoses for greater air flow.

Pix shows all but the entire setup, you can see the 20x20 filter box in the wall at upper right. The long hose has been shortened to about 18 inches since this picture was taken. Note the linoleum on the floor, which keeps air from escaping there.nnn

The challenge was getting the structure squared for the doors, both shed walls are not parallel to each other, but I finaly got it squared up.
07-15-2019 09:41 AM
Cherryville Chuck That is the problem with the cheap units is that they merely redistribute the fine dust as mine does and up north having it on the outside of the shop is not an option. I suspect that we'll see DCs go through some major improvements in the future probably spurred on by agencies like OSHA and the Worker's Compensation Boards. Cheap units like the HF will probably still be available but will come with a disclaimer attached. There was a time when no one would have thought that you wouldn't be able to buy packaged food that doesn't have how much fat, sugar, etc is in it.
07-15-2019 07:51 AM
Sominus The last entry to this thread is a couple months old, but I'll chime in anyway since this is germaine to the larger discussion and, likely, something that everyone at some point in time will need to address.

I have become increasingly aware over the past few years (especially with my career change) of the cumulative effects of dust/smoke damage to the lungs. Now that I'm in my 50s, I think I've played Russian Roulette long enough that, if I want to avoid COPD or other such hazards, I need to be more careful.

I have also become more active in my woodworking since settling into the new career/job as well as my kids growing and moving on to their own lives. I noticed that, after a particularly aggressive woodworking session, I would end up sneezing/coughing for a significant period of time after I closed down the shop and cleaned myself up. The dust was a problem. I was covered in it and had been breathing it in.

Well, the external "big" dust is one thing: Wear an apron, wear a mask (I got an RZ mask). But even still, there was still dust EVERYWHERE.

My original DC was a HF 110v unit, no mods. This was, in the parlance of advanced dust collection and filtration experts, "piss poor". After the collection power of this unit became effectively nil, I looked into the wisdom of "the google" and found "the modifications" which I will not discuss here in depth since everyone knows them already or they can read about them in the 4000+ references that are easily findable with a search. Fine (and not so fine) dust was, frankly everywhere. The unit by itself was mediocre at picking up "wood chips and shavings", but ... Well.. Not good at anything else.

I tried the dust deputy solution with a Wynn 13F230NANO filter. I did NOT do the impeller upgrade. [I felt like, frankly, I was throwing good money at a bad machine with what I had done already (for some folk, this HF machine is fine. I'm not one of those folks).] Performance was better, dust capture was somewhat improved, but still not acceptable by the standards I was trying to reach. Fine (and not-so-fine) dust from the machines was still a problem because the vacuum power of the HF unit for what I was trying to accomplish just wasn't there.

You may ask why didn't I do the impeller upgrade and squeeze a little more out of the already frankenstein-inspired modified HF unit? My theory is that for the money I invested in the machine and associated upgrades to get a mediocre solution, I could find something for about the same money that would actually perform. I also do not subscribe to the "sunk cost theorem". In another sense, why try to solve a problem (with multiple, incremental changes to a product not designed to do what I needed) that has already been solved?

Enter: the Grizzly G0440. $600 on Craigslist. 100 hours or so on the machine. Squeaky clean. I am using the Wynn 13F230NANO filter (230 s.f. of MERV 15 surface area) on it instead of the supplied filter (90 s.f. of MERV 9-10 filtration) which greatly reduces the fine dust return to the shop and greatly increases the machine's ability to "breathe". This unit will be in an enclosed room with extra filtration on venting.

The G0440 is a significant upgrade performance-wise from anything the HF unit can provide and pretty much eliminates the "poor vacuum" issues that I was having. The first test of the machine on my saw caused a bit of a stir -- it pulled dust from places I didn't know could have dust in them! I tried running the machine just to filter air and noticed after a few minutes that the particulates seemed to be down. I do not have a particulate counter, so cannot provide objective data. However, I wasn't sneezing and coughing anymore and the "smell" of dust in the air was gone.

This (the new DC) isn't a solution in and of itself. There are many components to managing the problem (e.g. face mask, adequate ventilation, adequate filtration of particulates), but the dust collector is potentially the first issue to be addressed in a shop when it comes to dust management and air quality. If you don't have adequate LARGE dust collection, then you definitely do not have adequate SMALL/FINE dust filtration.

I am NOT trying to crap on the HF unit. As I stated, for many folks, this unit is fine for their needs and will perform. It is inexpensive and easily managed. Larger units are more difficult to deal with in a small shop (power, space, ducting).

YMMV, some settling may occur during shipment, get your parents to help you with assembly, don't run with scissors, always eat your vegetables.
05-11-2019 12:48 PM
DesertRatTom Expecting arrival of the Super Dust Deputy (SDD) today. There isn't much solid information about inside and outside dimensions for the SDD and adapter sizes. The Amazon recommended reducer does not fit, but the Rockler dust rite adapters may, but I'm going to carefully check it out before I spend any money. I haven't decided for sure, but I'm thinking of going with Galvanized pipe from the SDD to HF unit. The problem again is that the 5 inch opening on the HF unit doesn't seem to fit anything else exactly. So I'm going to do some exact measuring and try to use standard galvanized pipe and fittings.

I really liked Stick's suggestion to recycle the filtered output of the HD/Wynn filter back into the shop. So I plan to do that and put a couple of filters in the return to eliminate any wandering dust. I will also have to enclose the breezeway with doors on each end and sealed as well as I can. I'll also cover the small gaps between the 2x floor in the breezeway with linoleum, to seal it and make it easier to clean up. Need to keep the AC/heated air in the space, so I may also insulate the ends as well, which will bean thick doors.

At any rate, I promise to post measurements, part numbers, pictures in a new topic. In some ways, I'm not looking forward to getting those fittings right, I have a box of expensive DC parts that don't fit anything. I have a couple of rolls of aluminum duct tape standing by.
05-09-2019 10:12 PM
kp91 That might get some dust, but some is still going to shoot out the sides.

You could even add a brush skirt or clear skirt to catch even more of the dust, but that would impair your visibility a bit. Probably at the point of diminishing returns......
05-09-2019 07:55 PM
DesertRatTom Finally got an answer from Oneida. The 4 inch model only comes with the piss ant 15 gallon bucket (too small to call a tub or barrel). So I'm going to go for the 5 inch model, which has a 5 inch intake and 6 inch outflow. Going to use metal pipe from HD to hook it up to the 5 inch input of the HF DC.

I'll reuse the 30 gallon fiber drums I have now, but will have to cut a bb ply top since the existing lock on tops have two off-center holes for the Rockler Dust Right connectors. At lease it will make it nice and rigid. I think the Super Dust Deputy wants to sit centered on the drum.

Interesting that they want to force the $220 unit down my craw, so I wind up with the $170 dollar unit shipped free from Amazon. I'm not looking forward to fiddling with more mixed brands of connectors. We have 3 days of possible rain coming up, probably light showers at most. So I'll probably put off enclosing the breezeway where the HF unit sits. If I turn the DC the other way around, the duct runs will be shorter and fairly straight. I see a lot of aluminum type duct tape in my near future.

Not sure where I'll store my 16 ft extension ladder now, I liked having it out of the sun in that breezeway. More carpentry projects ahead, I think.

The biggest dust offender in my shop by far is the sliding miter. I'm thinking of building a nice flat porch outside the front of the shop, level with the opening, where I can pull the miter and the sander outside for use. I can just let the dust fly that way and keep it out of the shop. My breathing problems (not COPD) have me wanting to get those rascals out of there. Everything else has pretty good dust collection.

One other thing I've been thinking about is using the T track on the front of the router fence to mount what looks like a safety shield, but is connected to the DC hose. That would pull the dust straight up off the bit most of the time. That would produce a really strong up flow of a high volume of air. Any of you folks have any thoughts on this idea? Drawing is a side view.
05-09-2019 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by DesertRatTom View Post
No answer yet on the 4 inch model, so I think I'll do the $170 5 inch version. I think I'll just re-use my 30 gallon fiber drums. They have holes in them already, so I'll have to use some BB to make a cover and attach the metal lid to it with lots of sealer. I'm also going to use a bit of Lexan and make a peek hole to check on dust levels.
Just a thought on why they want to sell the drum with the Super Dust Deputy -
It's likely their shipping container for the Dust Deputy, so it's well protected and they save packaging.

05-08-2019 11:02 PM
JFPNCM Thanks Herb, very helpful. Now if I can just avoid analysis paralysis I might get something done on this.
05-08-2019 06:19 PM
Herb Stoops
Originally Posted by JFPNCM View Post
I would like to move my DC out of the shop but here in the PNW iím Concerned about the damp. I have an unheated outbuilding about 2í away that could house It. Has anyone tried this, Herb possibly.
Jon, I enclosed the foyer into my shop and sound proofed it. That is where the DC unit resides it has a return air grill into the shop up near the ceiling. Where I live I can't exhaust thu the wall into the open air.
I did find out that the 3hp motor/fan unit does generate heat in the winter time.

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