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December 2015

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Welcome to the December 2015 edition of the newsletter!

To start off this month, we have a great discussion about where you find plans for woodworking projects. Click on the first link below to check it out!
As well, we've also collected a number of interesting posts from our community, including a look at a New Build Pilot Pro 2642 and thoughts about Sacrificial Table Saw Fence & Clamps. After you've read all that, please click on the image to the right to head back to our forum for even more great discussions and helpful information.

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Where do you find plans for woodworking projects?
Where do you find plans for woodworking projects?

Do you have sources where you buy them?

Do you use programs like SketchUp or simply draw out your ideas on paper to create your own?
Craftsman router collet woes!
I disassembled the collet on my Craftsman 315-269210 I cannot seem to get the four jaws in the right order. I didn't realize when I took it apart that the jaws weren't all the same.
New Build Pilot Pro 2642
Here is the cabinet I tossed together for the new CNC. Still need the handles......

It has a 1in thick top for support and 1in X 2in cross members supporting the top on edge under it. I will build a spoil board and t-tracks for holding parts down.
Sacrificial Table Saw Fence & Clamps
After all these years, I got around to buying a couple clamps to hold sacrificial fences to my table saw fence. They work great, and are an alternative to my old method of securing the fence, which involved drilling holes in the both my regular and sacrificial fences, countersinking the holes.
Need fence help
I have a Bosch RA1171 router table and have been using it for moldings and cabinet doors. (stiles and rails)
Now I need to route a 1/2 slot in a piece of 6 in wide plywood.
Memory Clock
I was one of the fortunate few who had a mother in law that was the total opposite of the usual jokes. She was a lovely woman and my best friend. After her death, her cremains were in a sealed plastic container from the mortuary and she watched over us from a shelf for many years.
Old Wood & Rubber Balls keep Saws well-Hung!
I wanted to make a rack for my saws and found a guy on the internet who kinda butchered his attempt of this one. I loved how it worked and made the proper modifications to get it right.
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