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TwoSkies57 11-06-2017 05:35 PM


that box is TOP SHELF! beautifully executed sir!

TwoSkies57 11-06-2017 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by sunnybob (Post 1711938)
I've found it impossible to keep end and side grains level in circumstances like that. i have one box with 4 x end and 4 x cross grain in a sandwich. Despite hours of fine sanding, standing back and looking at the surface you can see the end grain boards sticking higher that the side grain pieces. you can even feel the different heights

There are times when a card scrapper might be the best tool ya got in your shop. Sand down the woods to the point where you would normally say that'll have to do....then take a well tuned thin card scrapper and focus on the end grain pieces. A thin scraper will allow for more of a bow and let you focus in on a more narrow well defined area. Take your time and just work at it...wish I knew of a quicker way to do it, but it gets the job done in the end when working on smaller pieces, even curved the end grain down to the long grain without touching the long grain material with the scraper. This process is time consuming!!! but works....

DonkeyHody 11-06-2017 10:03 PM

I don't think you'll have any problems with the glue holding because the cross-grain glue joints are small. You may be able to get it smooth today, but the joints will eventually become noticeable due to the wood moving more across the grain than it does with the grain.

JFPNCM 11-07-2017 11:52 AM

Thank you one and all for the comments. Definitely solid points to consider going forwards.

Regarding your comment on being able to "see" the height change between the bubinga and walnut that may be more of a perception than reality. I say that based on the way the end and long grain pieces are placed on the "keyboard" version of a cutting board. That placement makes the black keys standout as though they are in fact raised as on a standard piano keyboard. However if you can fell it is definitely there. Great box as well!

Thansk. I used a 6" ROS with basically 0 pressure other than the weight of the ROS per se. Once I placed it on the board I simply hung on to the DC hose and let it walk itself around the board concitently moving L to R and then top to bottom.

Hopefully the surface area involved will keep movement to a minimum but I'll certainly keep an eye on that board. However if the owner doesn't keep the board oiled I can see that becoming an issue sooner than later.

Pots43 11-13-2017 10:16 AM

You are correct, I made a sofa table for my daughter out of Douglas fir . If you like ripples.

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