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The Compact Design CNC profile machining center with 4 controlled axes X-Y-Z-A. The machine is mainly designed for processing on aluminium profiles. Apart from aluminium, it can also process any kind of light alloy profiles with the help of dedicated customized cutters.

The bridge that is carrying the high speed electrospindle is moving on linear guides by the brushless servo motors independently from the drive and process any kind of shape on the profiles. The electrospindle can rotate from 0 to 180 degrees independent from the drive and machine in any angular position and change the tools from the tool changing magazine with 7 positions.
The CADCAM software is a customized tool for “ino machinery” profile machining centers.
The pneumatic referance point tilt up and down automatically according to the machine’s working cycle.
There are 6 pieces of profile clamping units, that are positioned manually by the operator according to the places that the CadCAM decides. Thanks to the automatic positioning of the clamps option, the bridge can also position the clamps itself.
The cabin enclosure covers move automatically up and down when the machine is on process and stops processing.
Product Details: Ino XC 2000/44 - 4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center | Ino Machinery


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