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Guide Bushings and Templates

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  50. Reverse template
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  53. Euro style bushings
  54. I think I scored great deal
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  56. 38mm/1.5 inch guide bushings
  57. Bosch 1617 plunge base
  58. How to route a 1/4" x 1/4" groove in this base.
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  66. Best Template Material
  67. Reducing a pattern
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  85. Guide Bushings
  86. Templates
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  131. Do we really know our friends?
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  133. osb vs particle board for templates?
  134. How would you cut this?
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  149. Bosch GKF600
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  151. Was it you?
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  173. For Ron
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  183. Any one for quoins?
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  185. Tambour Doors
  186. The time has arrived for a revolution in america
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  189. ..I don't fully centering ...
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  244. Knowingly Unskilled
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