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  1. Show N' Tell
    Hello again. Four years ago my godson had his 18 birthday and I thougt that he must get something from me that he or anybody else can't buy. I had proppably little time left to do the present. I guess it was a week. So it had to be something small. But fancy or special. I have a wonderfull book...
  2. Jigs and Fixtures
    Hi: I'm new to the forum and I'm a klutz! I'd like to know how to make a simple jig for keeping a woodblock stationary for printing as well as some sort of guide for the paper as part of the same jig. This is so I can use the same woodblock to make multiple prints, overprinting multiple times...
  3. Show N' Tell
    It's been a while since I had something to post, but I've finally caught up on some things and I've got some news to share. The Stickley round table #603 is neat little project that can challenge your skills. I needed to make two of these tables (for different people) as gifts. I decided to...
1-3 of 4 Results