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  1. CNC Routing
    Hello Guys, I am Abdalhady from KSA :) .. Firstly thank you for your works and time. Please, i finally built my 2m*1.3m 3-axis wooden cnc router and takes about 1 year :) :) because most parts and electronics arent available in my city. My problem is in the Y-axis more, unlike Z-axis ,, the...
  2. CNC Routing
    Hi everyone, first time poster in need of some help or advice! We have a Tekcel V series router, been working fine for years, but just been doing a job which may have been a bit too much for the machine Its machining lots of 10mm x 500mm slots into 19mm oak veneered FR MDF It can cope with...
  3. CNC Routing
    I have really been thinking about CNC lately and I have a couple ideas that would increase my business using this tech. My problem is I know very little about CNC. I put Legacy in the subject line because their 5 axis machines look like they could cover all my needs. There is a woodworking...
1-3 of 3 Results