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  1. Show N' Tell
    Elementary stools and benches have always attracted me for their simple lines, multiple uses and time-honored style ("styles fade, style never does" somebody wrote a long time ago). As they need very little skill and accuracy is not mandatory, they immediately became my favorite construction...
  2. Project Plans and How To
    Next project now, is to make a long trestle dining table and benches. Four benches, each about half the length of the table will serve as seats. I don't know how to make chairs. As posted elsewhere in this forum, I have nice big planks of cypress at 3 and 5 cm thickness (30 & 50 mm for the...
  3. Show N' Tell
    In my new shop I decided to build a dedicated sharpening station with sink, drawers, counter-mounted grinder and have it next to my bench area so chisels, planes are close and sharpening need not be a chore. I have attached a picture of the raw construction prior to drawers and counter mounted...
  4. Show N' Tell
    I recently purchased a new drill press and wanted to try it out so I decided to build a new vise plate. It's ¾ MDF laminated on both sides with red oak trim and a water-based finish.
  5. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi all! I am new to woodworking. Looking for a bench router table user friendly and affordable. I am sure it has been discussed before. Any help would be great. Thanks, Chris
  6. DIY and Renovation
    I'm a bit stuck, so I figured I would bring this to the group. I am designing a reloading bench 2'd x 2'w. The issue is that when I am using it it needs to be solid on the floor, but I have to be able to move it when I am done between a shelving unit and a wall. I figured that if it were to...
1-6 of 6 Results