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  1. Wood Species
    Hello I am relatively new to the woodworking industry and I have a somewhat awkward concern. Well story begins when I bought a crate of 3/4 Inch Baltic Birch Plywood BB/C Grade. Unfortunately when I was unloading the crate from my pickup truck it fell on one side and fell pretty hard (1 ton...
  2. Starting Off
    It seems that many of the jigs and bench table top plans that I have seen suggest using Baltic birch plywood. I can't recall seeing that in the home centers. Is it something that regular lumberyards carry? In in a quick web search, I only found a specialty sheet goods company that carried it...
  3. Show N' Tell
    So I stumbled upon 600 sq.ft. of yellow birch floor in the dumpster the other day, and loaded it quickly into my van. If this floor previously belonged to you, I'm sorry - I'm keeping it. Old english rule ... "finder's keeper!" That legality out of the way, what to do with it now? I've...
1-3 of 3 Results