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  1. Table-mounted Routing
    Recently,I downloaded plans to build a TS extension for router from FWW archives, you must have on line priveleges to access. Terrific plans. You simply bolt a plywood shelf under TS rails. Install a large allen screw in each of 4 corners of shelves for levelling router table. The router table...
  2. Table-mounted Routing
    I just purchased bosch 1617 fora fixed router on my table. Do they make an offset set of wrenches to remove the bits.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I am new here. All, I am trying to find out if the MRP23EVS, which I am considering purchasing, has a compatible mounting system to the 1617 such that tables that are designed to accept the 1617 would also accommodate the MRP23EVS as well. Any help appreciated. -JM
  4. Guide Bushings and Templates
    I have a Bosch 1617EVSPK router, a RA1125 template guide. and a CMT Complete Inlay Kit. I wish to use the CMT inlay kit, which uses a threaded adapter to mount to a router base. But the Bosch base plate does not have a thread. Which part am I missing to attach to the Bosch router?:help:
  5. General Routing
    :fie:I have a Bosch 1617 router which needs a new power switch. I have the part from Bosch & hace begun to disassemble the router to trplace the switch. After removing the top cover I noted that the switch was only accessable from the bottom side of the brush holder & bearing plate. I removed...
  6. General Routing
    I have a +/-30-day-old Bosch 1617EVS. Between jobs, the unit has been used at least three days a week since purchase on red and white oak. Also, I live in Houston without a garage, or workshop. Thus, my work has been outside, and in the humidity. Over the last week, as I power-down the unit...
  7. General Routing
    I found some posts about removing springs, but couldn't find anything about removing springs specifically from my Bosch. I am making a table now and the top is finished and temporarily mounted to help build the cabinet. After only making a few cuts, I realize that I HAVE to remove the springs...
1-7 of 7 Results