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  1. Router Bits - Types and Usage
    Greetings, I want to apologize up front if some of what I say is confusing because as of this writing I am confused as to how to make sense of what I need to know. Please bear with me. I recently acquired a Porter Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig which comes with four Bits and have had very good...
  2. PantoRouter in use

    Two hands control all three axes. The right operates the X and Y axes as the left hand plunges the router (Z-axis) into the workpiece.
  3. Compound angle on the tilting table

    Angles and compound angles are finally approachable, even for novice woodworkers. Professional furniture makers save time and can repeat setups quickly.
  4. Aligning workpieces is super-easy!

    Workpieces are easily aligned to either center or showing a small reveal
  5. Jigs and Fixtures
    So I almost destroyed my hand trying to thickness plane a 1/2” piece I had already box jointed. So I thought, hey, this Rockler router box joint jig comes with a 1/4” guide... so I planed down some boards. But when I router, no bueno, ref. picture. Is it because; I’m loading both at the same...
  6. Jigs and Fixtures
    Has anyone built Matthias Wandel's Screw advance box joint jig or the pantorouter plans?
  7. Table-mounted Routing
    I experience a lot of frustration attempting to make good finger joints (box joints) on my router table. I have a shop made jig which allows me to cut good sizes and fits, but I can't get away from alot of tearout on the back side of the cut. Any suggestions?
  8. Project Plans and How To
    I've built my box joint jig and I'm starting to get good results. I want to make a cover and bottom for the boxes (before glue up or after, none are glued yet). Does anyone have any suggestions for how to incorporate covers/bottoms? This is specifically for a homebrew beer bottle case (12 and...
  9. General Routing
    Hi everyone, this is my first visit and my very first post on any forum. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and although I make furniture my main area of work is re-finishing. This is my problem, I have designed a coffee table that is essentially a box (approx.. 20"x40"x6")that sits on a...
  10. Table-mounted Routing
    I've been playing around with a box joint jig that I made that is for 1/4" joints. It works fine on 1/2" stock or less. Also, it gets more difficult to join two pieces when the stock is more than about four inches. So, any thoughts as to a rule of thumb for the best bit size to use in...
  11. Jigs and Fixtures
    I have seen page after page praising the Shopnotes box joint jig, and was wondering if anyone had actual instructions to build it. I know I can order them, but the poverty is a little extreme right now. I figured I could use up some of my scrap pile. I've found sites with lots of pics, but...
  12. General Routing
    Hi everyone; thanks for providing such a great forum and source of information. I've been lurking for the last couple weeks but now I'd like to introduce myself and ask for some opinions. I'm a novice woodworker and got my first router/table a couple weeks ago -- a Freud 1700/table/fence...
1-12 of 12 Results